What We Do

Single Company Analysis

The Aptec Group performs single company analyses. Our comprehensive process typically requires one or two full days with the company and about ten business days to complete. At its conclusion we provide a detailed report that includes:

  • Overall company technology assessment
  • Technical organization - structure, strengths and weaknesses
  • Assessment of technical innovation and its tie to customer needs
  • Technical landscape
    • Current customer approaches
    • Competing technical approaches, standards, etc.
    • Barriers to entry by competitors
  • Assessment of product status
    • Status of current system
    • Development required before product is suitable for the market
    • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Assessment of company development process
  • Production and operational readiness

In selected cases we will provide continuing technical support to help ensure success.

Portfolio Analysis

The Aptec Group analyzes investments in multiple companies, ranks their technical risks, and provides technical or managerial support where needed.

Technology Leveraging

The Aptec Group helps technology rich companies establish a program of spinning out independent companies. Aptec analyzes their technology portfolio and assembles the marketing, management, and Capital Providers needed to bring technology to the market.

Technical Consulting

The Aptec Group accepts specialized development assignments, solving technical problems or helping the company meet critical development milestones. We work closely with and complement the existing development team. In some cases we assume temporary management roles.


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